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Background: At Huamei school, students with great interest in learning English are in a class named Cambridge English Class. Students learn English with a foreign teacher who speaks native English, and their textbook Think is very popular among these teenagers. Here, one of our experienced teachers Nicola would like to tell something about their teaching and learning.


Nicola Stephanie Williams

Cambridge English students study English with a foreign teacher six times a week. Classes are fun, with lots of games, activities, and challenges. We learn from the Think study book, which covers an interesting range of topics, relevant to the lives of the Middle School students. From family and friends, to food and sports, to city life and world travels, the topics are engaging and inspiring.

Each topic covers a range of key vocabulary, and has a specific grammar focus. The grammar focuses are all commonly used sentence structures, meaning the students will encounter them in their everyday use of English.

The activities in the Think book are varied and interesting. They allow plenty of practice across all four aspects of learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing. There is lots of “pair and share” talk time, so that the students can maximise the time they spend using their spoken English in class.

Students regularly speak in front of the class, delivering factual information, and their thoughts and opinions on the topics discussed. This really builds self confidence and develops excellent presentation skills, preparing students for debates and public speaking.

The topics studied are adapted to personalise the learning to both the class and the individuals, making learning engaging for everyone.

This meaningful approach to learning English makes the teaching feel immensely satisfying and worthwhile for the students.

With six classes a week, there is plenty of time for games, discussions, story telling, debates, and other fun activities, to develop a wide range of English skills.

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