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----Experts from University of London and University of Cambridge Press guide our English reading teaching

               Pictures by :Candy Li     Reporter:Coco Wei

In the afternoon of May 17th, Dr Sue Bodman,Ms Glen Franklin from University of London , Mr Eddie Rippeth,Wu Yixiang from University of Cambridge Press, senior trainer Lu Yongzhen, senior teaching representative Gu Junling, International Education Representative Gong Shu, and MS. Zhao Donghong, the president of the Pin Zhong Educatition Company, visited our primary school to guide English reading teaching. The experts observed two reading classes; one is Cambridge Rainbow English Reading class for Grade 1 students and the other is Longman English Reading class for Grade 3 students.

First, the experts came to the reading class for beginners of Grade 1 students. The instructor was John Bayne, the outstanding foreign teacher of our school.


John Bayne taught the STREAMS grade 1 students for English reading. His humorous and lively teaching style is very popular among students. In class, he used the “Embodied" teaching idea, inspired the kids to read the books aloud with lively body movements so that the students can grasp the difficulties easily and keep the contents in mind. Mr. Bayne always designes various forms of activities to make students read independently and encourages students to read with partners. All the students are active in class and love reading very much.


Mr. Bayne cooperated with his assistant teacher Ms. Coco very well and set some examples for the students.


Teachers cherish every chances to help students practice daily English in real situation,even when they are handing out the books to students. Teachers cultivate their good manners and good habits of following rules.


The experts spoke highly of students’ active attitude towards English reading and their good pronunciation.

Then the experts came to the Longman English reading class for Grade three students.Their teacher is an experienced and innovative teacher Liao Qingmei.Ms. Liao studied the teaching materials in depth and raised the questions from all levels, so that students could read in depth. Both teacher and the students present a wonderful class for visitors.


Ms. Liao's class is so interesting and logical that students can constantly predict the plot. The children follow the teacher's rhythm and are completely attracted by the teacher.


Ms. Liao kindly helped students to finish tasks.


Ms. Liao presented the main plot of the story vividly with an anchor chart, which was very helpful to make students understand the story and retell the story.


After class, the experts and all the English teachers of Huamei primary school made a thorough communication on the teaching of English reading. The experts praised   the teachers' excellent professionalism and the students' interest in reading English. At the same time, the experts also put forward some good suggestions for teachers, which makes us clearer and more firmly in the direction of reading teaching. English reading teaching, we are on the way!

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