The Sound of Summer
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  六5班 林儿 Anna 指导教师:刘玲令

Everyone knows that Guangzhou is in the South of China, so it is very hot in Guangzhou during summer. Insects live in hot places. My mum told me that when she was young, there were many insects in summer such as cicada, mantis and in the night there were lots of glowworms. They made the summer wonderful. People who lived near the trees could hear many wonderful sounds. But now people cut down the trees, thus the insects have no places to live in. If we want to bring back their home, we should plant more trees to protect their environment.

On the other hand, summer is still a good time for us. Because in our school we have study topics during each season. Our summer school theme is studying hard, concentrate on learning, be good at sports and art and protect our environment. So at home we help our parents do some housework. They are happy. We study very hard in classes. If we want to do well in our tests, we should work diligently and do our homework carefully. We also have fun when we are free. We swim happily in the swimming pool, we eat ice cream at recess, we fly kites on the playground… We make lots of laughter. So I think children’s laughter is also a part of wonderful sound in summer.

      (Teacher’s words: Grade 6 students understand the Huamei primary school theme in each season very well. Anna explained the sound of summer in our school and set some vivid examples to express her opinions. Well done!)

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