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The Huamei Experience
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Jay Chen


Hello! My name is Jay and this is my third year working at Huamei. I am currently teaching in the Canadian-Ontario Curriculum here at Huamei. This program allows students to enter directly into a Canadian University once successfully fulfilling all the necessary requirements. In addition, I also have the great opportunity of working in the guidance department in which I assist students in applying for universities.

Over the past two and a halve years I have seen many teachers come and go. Some had a great time and some maybe not, but I am positive that all of them had what I called the "Huamei Experience".  What exactly is the Huamei Experience? It is an experience that consists of many segments of experiences that you might not be able to get in Canada or in the Western part of the world. For better or for worst it is something that all international teachers will mark as a special chapter of their lives when they go back home.

With Huamei’s 25th anniversary coming up, I want to thank Huamei for all the great memories and opportunities that it has presented to me. I am hoping to share my "Huamei Experience" using what's captured behind camera. These pictures are special for me as they connected with the past teachers that have worked here. I am also hoping that these pictures can connect with the future; an invitation for new teachers that want an experience that will be both exciting and with endless learning opportunities. 

Hope you enjoy my memories with Huamei !!!

HBIC Teachers vs. Students Basketball:

It is a tradition here at HBIC! Each year, the senior 3's have a basketball competition with the Canadian teachers. It is a great way to promote health and physical activities, but more importantly for teachers to connect with students outside of classroom.

Huamei Sports Day:

Sports Day holds a special place here at Huamei, in fact it is not just a day but an entire week. There are the typical running and jumping but tag-of-war is something else. This event always gets teachers excited and it is certainly a test of strength but more importantly a test of school spirit.

Huamei Water Game: that a fish you are looking at? Yes indeed! Each year, Huamei has a Water Game event to promote physical activities and celebrate team work.  One of my favourite activities is fish catching. There are usually 5 teams and they have to catch as many fish as possible in a swimming pool. Where else will you find a fish catching party in the swimming pool?


Got invited to be a guest @ HBIC TV. The students' dedication and creativity were very impressive. The topic of the show was talking about studying abroad and celebrating Dragon Boat Festival.

HBIC "first" Boys Basketball Team:

It was a humble experience to start the first ever Boys Basketball Team that played against other local international schools. We celebrated our basketball tournament championship that was hosted by HBIC in 2017.

Long Dong Community Gym Visit:

Each year, I managed to take my students that are learning about fitness to go to a community gym. The purpose of the trip has two folds; one is to experience the community and the other is to foster a life learning on healthy and physical activities.

HBIC Peer Mentor Program:

As a guidance counsellor, this program is created to help younger grade students to pave a road to graduation and future success. The program focuses on helping students selecting HBIC courses and planning ahead for university application.

The Show:

Me and my fellow colleagues were asked to put on a show to celebrate Chinese culture. After weeks of preparation we are finally ready for the big show. It was my first time singing and dressing in Chinese traditional clothing on stage.

Staff Birthday Celebration:

Each month we celebrated teachers' birthday of the month. The birthday boys/girls are given free lunch and cake by Huamei. It was a great way to socialize with each other and an excuse to eat more cake.  


One of my favourite courses to teacher at Huamei. This course focuses on leadership, health and physical activities. The dynamic of its course content and the opportunity to do physical activities are some of the top reasons for selecting this course.

A celebration of Success:

What makes PLF4M a successful course are the students. They are dedicated and willing to take risk. At the end of the course, we held a party to celebrate the hard work and the many success that were achieved.

A thousand THANK YOU to Huamei !!!

It may seem like I am telling my story but I am telling Huamei 's story with me in it and this is what I called  "The Huamei Experience". I thank Huamei for all the great memories that I have collected along the way. For some, it is a passing by journey, but for me it is a journey that I entered and I look forward to stay.

Huamei, Happy 25th Anniversary and wising you many more successes to come!!!

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