Maritime Silk Road Culture Exhibition into Campus
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In order to help Chinese and foreign teenagers know more about Guangzhou culture and history in general, the originality of Maritime Silk Road history in particular, with “the Expansive South China Sea” as the theme was held by Guangzhou Nanyue King Palace Museum and Ignite Academy from March to May of 2018. Six international schools in Guangzhou actively participated in the exhibition tour and spoke highly of this event.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition tour was taken place at Huamei International School, which is also the first stop to display the exhibition from March 20th to 25th. International students including the German exchange students and local Chinese students attended opening ceremony. The staff of Nanyue King Palace Museum and Ignite Academy gave detailed explanations of historical knowledge of Maritime Silk Road and also introduced some interesting games from the ancient time and engaged our students to play and experience.  


At the opening ceremony, Huamei school English & International Programs Director, Assistant Principal Ms. Serene Chen expressed her sincere thankfulness to Guangdong Nanyue King Palace and Ignite Academy. She said “It is necessary to make full use of the resources of the local museums and integrate their resources into school education, which can facilitate the students understand the historical knowledge not only from the book, but also from the cultural relics, exhibits and experiential activities. We believed it’s a good way to broaden and enrich our students’ knowledge of history. The Expansive South China Sea-- Guangzhou and the Maritime Silk Road is a great opportunity for our students and teachers to understand the Chinese history and culture and improve their consciousness of protecting Chinese historical heritage”. Then in the following 3 days of exhibition, Huamei students showed great interest in it, and it helped improve their knowledge of historical heritage and encouraged them with the spirit of Maritime Silk Road, which is openness, inclusiveness and enterprising.


The last stop of the exhibition was at the Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU on the 22nd of May. This event has achieved a fully success and far reaching impacts. Mr. Simon Liescheke, the curriculum director from American International School of Guangzhou, one of the six schools, said this is a great opportunity for the students and teachers. They enjoyed the activities very much.


25th May, 2018

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