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What Makes a Good Teacher?
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It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents for teaching, and others are not. However, it is also sometimes claimed that anyone can be a good teacher.

In my opinion, acquired abilities are as important as talents. These two elements are like a pair of wings for a teacher, the absence of either will have an effect on being a good teacher. Therefore, a lot of personality traits are required to be a good teacher. First, a good teacher must have necessary knowledge to teach his subject. He should be capable of answering his students’ questions. Second, a good teacher must have the sense of justice. He should have recourse to common sense to give all his students an egalitarian treatment no matter what their color, thoughts or religious beliefs are.

As the saying goes, “It’s never too old to learn,” it is especially important to teachers because they shoulder the responsibility to transfer the new knowledge to students.

In my opinion, the significance of a teacher with the life-long learning is far-reaching. Firstly, a teacher who insists on life-long learning is usually knowledgeable and intelligent. She or he can interact with students more smoothly. Secondly, a teacher who loves learning can set a good example to students. Thirdly, the importance of the life-long learning to a teacher is obvious, because we are now in an information age and everything may be changed or deserted. For example, nowadays, it’s a better way for a teacher to use mass media instead of writing the knowledge points on blackboard, which can make the knowledge more vivid and interesting. So modern teachers must be familiar with PPT, Word and Excel etc.

In a word, it’s essential and important for teachers to learn in their lifetime.

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