The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language
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May 14, 2018

In the recent years, a growing number of people learning foreign languages have been increasing dramatically, not only in urban centre but also in rural areas. Some people think that the only reason one should learn foreign languages is because they will work in or travel to foreign countries. However, in my opinion, there are more reasons for this.

For some people who are conservative to the idea of learning foreign languages, they might think that learning foreign languages takes a lot of their time and no matter how fluent they are in it, they wouldn’t have the chance to speak it unless they are going either travelling or working it that particular country.

Nonetheless as we witness the massive development of the world, we can see that globalization has left a huge impact on many countries’ economy. Thus it is evident that we are all now living in a brand new era, which resulted in the increase in the demand of learning foreign languages. Most of us are global citizens, and we can’t communicate to foreign people unless one of us understands others’ language.

As the saying goes, “We can’t never fully understand a place’s cultures, unless we understand its language.” It is always challenging and rewarding to learn a new language for the fact that we can always find something new and appreciate it in different prospects.

What’s more, most of the students who learn a new language are tend to be more prepared and thus making them more confident in facing new things. Most importantly, people who can speak more than one language have much more opportunities in becoming successful in the future.


Teacher’s comment:

The student is actually an international student from Indonesia, who is fluent in Indonesia, English and Chinese. Her experience speaks directly to the importance of learning a foreign language, which has helped her adapt well in China. This essay is written as an exercise towards her goal of taking the IELTS test, and is well flowed in both language and details.

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