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Happy 25th Birthday Huamei
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Noel David Meehan


To Huamei,

On behalf of the entire Kindergarten, I would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the school for completing 25 glorious years of success. You have always been at the top for serving to the community of Guangzhou and beyond with the very best in teaching and service.

Our school has a brilliant team of dedicated teachers, a friendly work environment and an excellent learning environment for our students so that Huamei can always aim for the highest results. Working alongside you has been a real honor and I value each and every day.

Since starting here in 2015 I have seen many changes happen over the years from building projects, school growth and spending a lot of time and money on teacher training and development and with no sign of slowing down. You have seen many more changes than I, starting from 1993 not just within our school but within China and sending students all over the world to achieve their dreams and goals.

While working here in Huamei, I’ve been able to achieve my own personal goals and achievements, advancing my own career with hard work and not a day goes by that the school doesn’t acknowledge this, so I thank you.

We will see many more birthdays together I’m sure of it and it’s going to be a really exciting journey to walk this road together.  

Congratulations to Huamei for your 25th Anniversary! 


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