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Jonathan Tragash

GHIS-GIA Director (现华美学校GIA项目学术主管)

My name is Jonathan Tragash. I am the Director of the Griggs International Academy, GIA Program at Guangzhou Huamei International School, GHIS.  In GIA, we have a document called the Journey to Excellence, J2E-- a guiding document for all teachers to mold their lives and school planning.  After my third year at GHIS, I was introduced to the J2E by the GIA program. The idea that stuck with me was the concept of developing into a global citizen.

What I have realized over my years in China is that there isn’t a superior system of life or education; to truly become a global citizen, we need to blur the boundaries of the discussion on Eastern and Western cultures.  During my life at GHIS, I have spent time learning about the Chinese education system from excellent educators like Rocky Chen, Panda Xiong, Principal Xu, Jane Ruan, Serene Chen among many others.  They have helped me along the path to develop students into true global citizens.

Becoming a global citizen is mainly about finding common values. My mentors at GHIS helped to show me that our values in GIA are linked. GHIS strives to practice integrity, develop philanthropy, pursue virtue and seek truth. GIA key values are dignity, honor, respect and integrity.  With this realization, I saw that no matter the content in the classroom, we are all moving along the same path toward the same destination.  We are blurring boundaries to become global citizens.  In my position as director in the Griggs International Academy, I hope and strive to impart that lesson to all of my students.  Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to study, always maintain the key values that you have obtained and strive to be better global citizens.


Happy 25th Birthday Huamei!


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