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My Teaching Experience in Huamei
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Mike Irwin


My name is Mike Irwin and I taught at Huamei Bond International College from 2011-2013. As my first teaching experience outside of teachers college, it will always be an important experience for me.

On top of that, however, it was a time that I will always look back on fondly for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is the great support I received from the school. The most important example of which was Huamei's assistance in fundraising for an initiative I was involved with in Jamaica.

In the spring of 2012, I was preparing to participate in a non-profit youth arts foundation which would be working in Jamaica later that summer. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the "Turn Around Project" provided young Canadians with the opportunity to run arts-based workshops in a Jamaican community for underprivileged teenagers. A key factor in the success of this program is the funds which were needed to be raised for renting the facility, feeding the participants, and running the workshops. When I approached Huamei for assistance, the staff was quick to lend a hand.

Drawing upon the great musical talent of the student body at Huamei, my plan was to put on a fundraising concert called "JamRock" which would both inform students about the situation faced by Jamaican youth, as well as raise the necessary funds for the project. Huamei went to great lengths to help me put on the concert by providing posters for the hallways as part of the promotion, as well as an incredible backdrop for the show itself. As for the concert, they provided the complete stage setup including lights, video, and sound, which resulted in a fantastic show for staff and students. Thanks to Huamei's contribution, the fundraiser was able to collect over 20,000 RMB for the "Turn Around Project" which went on to have a very successful program that summer.

I have many fond memories of my time at Huamei, but their invaluable support towards my fundraising efforts was a truly special moment that showed they cared a lot about improving their students'' world view, supporting their teachers, and also playing a role in assisting an international community.

Thank you very much Huamei and congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

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