To Mom
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Dear Mum,

    It's my first time to write an English letter for you and I never imagine I will have this chance. Several days ago, as my English teacher set this homework, my childhood's memory suddenly came to me, which makes me miss you and dad, also my childhood.

    As I can remember, once at home, you went to the bathroom while I was lying on the bed in bedroom. After a while, you didn't come back, and I was nervous so that I vigorously jumped out of the bed and rushed into bathroom to look for you. I was one year old that time and it was the first physical step that I walked independently of my life. Actually, I have no memory about it, and it is you who tell me the whole thing.

    When I first came to Guangzhou in 2004, I didn't adapt to the life. I was a crybaby with bad temper and naughty character. But, every time I cried or did something trick, you always patiently told me the story of my childhood, your childhood and the experience we went through the difficult years to comfort and educate me. Thanks for your hard work, I had a happy childhood then and I have the ability of resilience now.

    At this point, I can't hold the impulse to tell you all the story I still remember, but I think you have already remembered these. So, it's time to end this letter. What I want to say finally is that though I never admit, you have taught me many virtues far more unforgettable than the most people or things could have done.

     Best wishes!




The passage is full of good memories and happy times between the mother and the son. After reading the passage, you may feel happy and sweet.(指导老师 李凤莲)

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