An unforgettable experience
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初一1班    陈凯儿

I’m a student from German class. So a few weeks ago, when some German students were on an educational exchange in my school, I got a chance to be a home stay student.

I took a German girl home. Her name is Florence. She is 14 years old. She has brown hair and a high nose. She is so pretty, isn’t she? I talked with her in English or in German sometimes. I was so happy that we had the same interest. We both like an actress and we both think she is a great woman, so we talked a lot about her. We visited Guangzhou Tower and Beijing Road. She told me that she liked Chinese traditional buildings very much. I also took her to eat some special snacks in Guangzhou, such as dimsum and chicken feet. She enjoyed most of the Chinese food.

Florence invited me to travel to Germany when she left. I am so happy that I have got a new friend and I’m looking forward to visiting her some day. Being a home stay student is really an unforgettable experience for me.

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