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Open House Day
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----- by Kindergarten English Teacher Ms. Oxana Gladysheva


Best wishes to HUAMEI School

April 18th became a remarkable day in this month for a whole school- Huamei International school. We held an Open House day for parents, guests and prospective students to join in Huamei.  All departments set up tables exhibiting students’ inventions, art works, and scientific projects.

On that day the school prepared many amazing activities for students and parents so they could enjoy the time together and see academic and artistic achievements of the students.

Ring the bell

In kindergarten, not only Open classes run by teachers, family games were organized. For Senior classes it was hold a flea market, where children could buy, sell and bargain on something they liked. Parents gave their children a fair guidance and tips how to negotiate the price and gave their opinion on necessity of purchasing a certain appealing item.

Do you want it?

Share our love

Medium classes played Scavenger Hunt with their parents. Classes were grouped up in teams of 4 families and had to go from one station to another, accomplishing the tasks like tossing the rings, filling in the blanks in Chinese poems with suitable characters or drawing a picture with one single brush manipulating it by strings all over the brush. Medium classes demonstrated a great team spirit and cooperation working together. Moreover, medium classes together with parents painted and drew on canvas the moments of their life at school. Bright colors of the pictures were complimented with best wishes to kindergarten.

Drawing our dreams

It's fun to paint

Collaboration is very important

Our artwork

Junior classes had an Era Show of games. They played interesting toys and games from different times with their parents. Some games triggered parents’ memories of childhood, which also attracted junior children’s interest. Both children and parents enjoyed a great time.

My face

Another fascinating thing of the day was a horse-riding ring, offering trial rides. Children stood in a line to get an exciting experience, riding a big and beautiful animal. Fencing was another spot on the Open House map. Some boys were eager to feel themselves little musketeers.

The Open House day turned out a big success and we are looking forward to meeting new students soon! 

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