An Unforgettable Experience
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  初二5班 谢善熙

There are a lot of special experiences in our daily lives. These experiences may tell us something valuable.

I will never forget the day when I was in Grade 2. That day when the bell rang, everyone went out the classroom and rushed to the dining hall. I also did that. I was so hungry.

Unluckily, when I ran down the stairs, I fell down the stairs and hurt my leg. The pain was so great that I could not move even an inch. All I could do was just to sit on the floor. I felt helpless and sad at that moment, because my friends all ran away and didn’t give me a hand. They were too hungry, I thought.

A few minutes later, Tim appeared. He was surprised at first. Then he helped me up and asked, “What’s matter with you, Joe?”

“I fell down the stairs and hurt my leg. I can’t stand up by myself.” I replied in a low voice.

Tim said, “You should go to the school hospital. Let me help you.” Then he took me to the school hospital.

On the way to the school hospital, we heard the bell rang again. It was 12 o’clock. I asked Tim, “Why didn’t you go to the dining hall instead of helping me? It’s too late for lunch.”

He smiled and replied, “Because we should help people in need.” Then he told me some jokes to make me laugh and also told me some stories to raise my spirits. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel painful before arriving at the hospital.

Tim and I have been good friends since that time. I will never forget how he helped me and raised me up. And I wish to help other people in need. As we all know, helping others is a virtue!


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