How to Face a Disaster?
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Last week our middle school practiced how to escape from a big fire. It was a big success. The students learnt that if there was a disaster, they would know how to deal with it. As a private boarding school, the students, who are teenagers, all live together in the school, so it is very important and necessary for them to know what to do and how to escape from a disaster when it comes.


There are different kinds of disasters around the world, such as typhoon, flood, earthquake, fire, mudslide, sand storm and so on. We adults know what to do during a disaster, but what about the teenagers, especially the children between 6 and 12?

Some may think it would probably never happen to them, so they don’t teach their students what to do. Before it's too late, here are ways to help you prepare your students for a disaster.


Educate: It is always good to let your students know about possible disasters. This doesn’t mean children have to live in fear. When teaching about disasters, keep the conversation positive by telling them there is a proper solution to the disaster. Keep the conversations short, allow for questions and answer clearly and honestly.


Prepare: Always be prepared, that is the best advice for students. For example, when preparing foe bad weather, get the tools you need, like candles, phones, food, water and medicine. Teach the students what is needed in certain disasters so that they know what is available for them if needed.


Plan: You should always have a plan for you and students for any dangerous situation. Write out a simple list that they can read. The plan could start with "listen to a teacher’s advice and / or call for help. 


Practise: Once you have got the correct safety tools and worked out the right plan, practise from time to time. Practising what to do during a disaster with the students will help them if the time comes.


Disasters can’t be avoided but they can be lessened once you are prepared and ready for one.


(Based on a passage from English Weekly, having some cuts in the text)


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