Greet the New Year
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New Year is a very important festival in China. So the students from the German classes and the German teachers have organized a series of activities in the last week of December in 2017 to celebrate the New Year and enjoy happiness in the coming year. What’s more, it aims also to help the students develop strong interest in learning German.


Activity one – share food with classmates 

At the beginning of the activities, Students greet each other in German (Wie geht es dir?) and send each other their most sincere greetings——Happy New Year! (Frohes neues Jahr!) And then Students are seated around a circle and share food with their classmates which teachers have prepared for them in advance.


Activity two —— sing German songs

The Students sing German songs together. —— “Kling, Glöckchen kling”, ”Lass uns Froh und munter sein”. Singing Songs is a traditional way to convey happiness and blessings.

Activity three —— paper folding 

Students use their imagination to create their own “angel”. They create a lot of different “angels”, which shows off the student’s powerful creative ability. Some angels are extraordinary beautiful, some angels are very cute, and some angels are very special. At first, the students should cut out the shape of angel. Then they colour it and finally fold it into shape. 

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