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Kaya (小学英语教师吴迎)

With the bright sun's shining in the sky, the students are doing some fantastic and creative group games. Now let me introduce the activities for you.

First of all, let's take a look at the "On the trunk" game. All the members stand on the trunk with two feet and then try to change their places according to the teacher's order. If someone falls down, they will lose. Children need to work together and keep the trunk still. At the same time they need to help the person who is changing the place.

This is the "Hu La Hoop" game. Every children need to use English to introduce themselves. After that they need to go into the hu la hoop and pass the hu la hoop by various ways. It’s fun that some children put their heads first into the hu la hoop and got stuck unfortunately. This is an interesting game which helps children to think and to communicate.

 "The survival" game is awesome too. All the group members need to stand on a piece of cloth when the cloth is becoming smaller and smaller. This game tells children that helping each other and work together can survive them.

Both individual work and teamwork are needed to improve our competence which is the truth that children can learn from this game. All children should stand on the wooden board and keep it balanced.

Teamwork is important, no one could live individually, and they must rely on others in some way.

In the afternoon,I attended the junior students class. They were playing Lego. The rule is that all the members work together and make a thing which can represent China. And then their will do the LEGO Stop Motion Animation Activity.

 All the children enjoyed the class and learned a lot. The importance of team spirit is the embodiment of the power of individuals and groups. Each member should combine himself with the team to give full strength to their role. The core of team spirit is collaboration; everyone's work is not absolutely independent. The collaboration among the team is to work better. Everyone on the team has a different job, which needs them to combine as one unit, and fight for the same goal, with cooperation and collaboration.

In short, Team Sprite is indispensable in everyone's life.


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