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Love is in Action
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By Ma Xiaowen

There is no doubt that parents love us the most in the world, they give us lives and nurse us to be an independent people. No matter what difficulties we face, they are always behind us and offer support. The way they love us is different and we can feel love is around. What is mentioned above, in my opinion, is true, but in my childhood, I used to consider my father didn't care about me, because my father was a man of few words who was always strict with my study. However, things work the other way.

That day was my first day of college entrance examination. My father got up earlier than me, and asked me whether I have prepared my pens,admission card for entrance examination and so on. He was more nervous than me. When I noticed this, I felt a gust of happiness swept through my body to ease my nerves.And then,when I had breakfast, another detail touched my heart. The service gave me a bowl of noodles which contained green onion. Suddenly,my father called the service to change the noodles without green onion and looked at me,said, “I remember you don't like to eat green onion. Every time you have it, you complain more.” Totally moved, I couldn't imagine my father would know this detail, he knew me well.

Actions speak louder than words.My father shows his love by actions. In a word, on the surface, I always see my father's sternness,but more kindness and care in his actions, love is in action.

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