Qingming Festival
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Jack(张熠家) from Class 4, Grade 6

Qingming Festival is one of the most traditional festivals in China. It’s usually on the fifth of Apring. During Qingming Festival people usually go back home to sweep the tombs of their dead relatives and burn paper money. They also bring some delicious food too. They do these because they hope that the dead will have something to eat and use in another world. What a strange festival it is!

Last Qingming Festival I went back to my hometown to hold a memorial ceremony for my grandmother. We brought a bunch of yellow chrysanthemums and some delicious food that she liked best when she was still alive. We also told her something interesting. We didn’t burn paper money for her because we want to protect the environment. We thought she would be happy if we did that. Finally we had a big lunch together. It was so much fun.

Qingming Festival has been listed as a part of China’s vast and diverse cultural heritage. So we should cherish it and carry on forward it.


[Teacher’s words: In this article, Jack introduced us a traditional Chinese festival, Qingming Festival. He told us the culture of this festival in China. He also shared us his last Qingming Festival here. From this passage we know Jack is a very shining boy and he shows his respect to his families and enjoys his life with his family.] 指导老师:沈明龙

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