Be Brave
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  By Chen Ke, Senior2 Class4

“Even with wings broken, my mind is still soaring.” I always believe in a brave heart, only it is strong enough to feel the pain, it could have the capability to bear the passion.

Zhang Haidi is a great Chinese woman writer, who success because of her courage and insistence. She lost her leg when she was five. To her family, it was a cruel and painful reality. For Zhang Haidi, she tried to give up and was longing for death many times. However the unfairness of fate sobered her. She started writing and translating in 1983 and achieved good results in this field. Her extraordinary experience became famous and many people felt amazed at it at that time. It is said that her assistance and super excellence not only save herself but also encourage billions of the disabled. What she has achieved does prove to the world that having half a body doesn’t mean living half a life.

Therefore, the wholeness has nothing to do with spirit. You can deny your deficiency of your body but you can’t deny and give up your life. Although it must be extremely difficult, when standing in the life crossroad street intersection, which way you choose to move towards is decided by yourself. So don’t be afraid, try to accept yourself. Finally, courage, perseverance and assistance will crown you as a real winner!



No pains, no gains. Only when you are brave enough to overcome the difficulties and sufferings, can you hold the key to success.

In this writing, it's clever of Chen to use a topic sentence at the beginning of  passage, at the same time, the example and the argumentation all sever the topic. She is also aware of making meaningful sentences.


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