My First Trip to Mount Huangshan
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By Fang Yuan

It was about eight years ago that I climbed Mount Huangshan with my cousins for the first time, which made an unforgettable impression on all of us.

Located in Anhui province, Mount Huangshan is a world-famous mountain, fantastic and beautiful. We reached the foot of it by car, then bought tickets and then took the funicular to the hillside---halfway up the mountain, where we continued our journey on foot. We started to climb the mountain by ourselves after getting off the cable car. Shortly, we climbed several steps to reach a platform. Turning around, unbelievably and breathtakingly beautiful scenery came into our sight. What a grand view of a sea of clouds! No words can express how beautiful it was! We were all astounded by its fairy-tale beauty, which made us feel like we were in a fairyland. Cheered up by the scene, we enjoyed our trip a lot during the rest of that day.

In fact, I can’t remember everything that happened during that trip, but the memory of that scene will live with me for the rest of my life. What is known to us all is that Mount Huangshan is famous for its “Four Wonders”---grotesque rocks, dramatic pines, a sea of clouds as well as hot springs and in my mind it really and truly deserves that. What's more important, you will not sense its beauty until you yourself go there and experience it.


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