How to Keep Fit
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With the development of the society, people become more and more concerned about food and good health, without which we cannot study, work or enjoy our life in a good mood. Here is some advice on how to keep fit.

There is a saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We can figure out the importance of eating fruits. So first and foremost, eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Then keep a balanced diet in order to avoid eating some food rich in sugar and fat, which are harmful to your health. What’s more, taking enough exercise is of great importance! Just think about it. If you stay at home for a long time without any exercise, then how will you feel? Next, you should develop some good habits as well, such as taking regular exercise, getting enough sleeping, doing positive thinking, and so on. Therefore, the bad habits should be given up by yourself, like smoking and staying up late, or you may be tired day and night.

From my personal point of view, life and health are our most precious possessions.We can’t live a better life without good health. Thus let us take actions and stay healthy from now on!


Comments: Some suggestions on how to keep fit have been given by the author

who has realized the importance of good health. What she has shared with us are also important to all of us.(By Fang Yuan 方媛)

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