The Opening Ceremony
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Here at Huamei Kindergarten we are just ending Chinese New Year and welcoming our students back from their holiday season. Many students are coming back from their hometown and are eager to see their friends.


It is the Year of the Dog, so the kindergarten campus is decorated with two big dogs. Our opening day featured the Money God and Lucky Dog, who welcomed students with his bowl full up golden coins and red letter envelopes or ‘HongBao’.


We got to enjoy beautiful Chinese drummers and a lion show. The Lions were festively decorated in lime green, red and orange. They greeted Lucia, our principal, and Rocky, our school founder and the program began. The children loved the candies and the confetti. We are so happy to begin this spring semester with our Chinese cultural tradition of Chinese New Year.

Best Wishes for New Year

Caishen Ye and Lucky Dog

Glad to come back to the school

Happy the Year of the Dog

Lion Dance

Thank you

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