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Teacher:Sophie Ou

Recently, Sinology, a research on Chinese traditional culture, literature, history and society has been increasingly popular in modern China. It is reported that the course of Sinology has been set up in numerous elementary and secondary schools. In the class, students will learn the masterpieces of well-known educators or philosophers in ancient China. The reasons why it becomes national wide popular are as followings:

The most importantly, Sinology has played a meaningful role in both individual and society. On the one hand, Sinology, the essence of Chinese civilization dating back 5,000 years, is showing great vitality in the new era.  From the angle of individual in the society, Sinology will enrich the students’ knowledge and enhance their experiences as well, which promotes them to adapt to the complicated social demand. On the other hand, age-old China has its own traditional culture, which is quite different from that in the western countries. Wide range opening Sinology will be helpful in establishing a harmonious modern nation. To show the Chinese specialty around the world, Sinology leaning will be the first choice in the modern curriculum.



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