A Good Beginning for the Semester
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Janice from Senior 3 Class 3 HBIC


Dear faculties and students in HBIC, good morning!

My name is Janice from Senior 3 Class 3.

A new semester is coming up in the fall season, and we are preparing for different circumstances as each intrepid warship which would ready to sail in the ocean and face numerous dangerous and setbacks.


We are here for receiving the international education of HBIC. Owing to the diverse clubs, relaxed atmosphere of classes and amiable teachers, we can fulfill our ambition on studying and even stimulate our potential abilities. Therefore, we should cherish the opportunity to study in here and do try to live up to our parents’ expectations.


Time gets wings, and everyone will grow up as a real independent person to walk further on their life way whether you would face more tremendous challenges or not. After you doing your best, you will find times could work wonder. Also, time and tide wait for no man. If you want to take a leisurely life in the wrong time,you should check it out could you be regretless in your youth.


Hence, the most important stuff for us is to keep studying and studying at present. In order to foster yourself as a talent who will be beneficial to the society, everyone should be hard-working in every field, to be creative,to innovate,to practice and even to set up correct outlook and philosophy of life.


People ' life would be brilliant when they start to know what dream they have, what should they do to achieve the goal and could they be painstaking all the time.


You cannot change the past, but you can change yourself right now! As a motto says: where there is a will, there is a way!


Teacher’s Comment: Janice has made a great announcement which encourages all of the HBIC students to make a great ready for the coming semester for their future.

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