Nice To Meet You
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International High School G9C1 Xiao Zequn

What sentence can start a friendship? Personally, it should be “ nice to meet you”. Sometimes we 

can't even remember their names, but when we say ‘nice to meet you’, the feeling of happiness is real.

Our Indonesian Culture Exchange trip started in the cold January in Guangzhou, but the cold could not bother us anymore after we arrived in  Indonesia. It was not only because of the hot weather, but also the hospitality and warmest welcoming from our Indonesian friends, who were from the Frateran high school. We enjoyed the 2 weeks staying in Surabaya and had spent a good time, even though we could not communicate smoothly with each other sometimes. 

With my homestay family, I almost never had homesick. Valerie’s parent and grandparents treated me as their own child, even better than Valerie in sometimes. Since Valerie’s sister was studying in the University of Waterloo, she could chat with her families online only once a week. They still gave me a chance to talk to her. She gave me lots of advices about study and life in Canadian university. I’m so grateful and thankful to meet her families, and also be the classmate with her in Frateran high school.

Do you believe destiny? I do believe it! Because if without destiny, how can I meet Valarie and her lovely family; without destiny, how  can I meet 

those friendly peers and teachers in Frateran?  If I have a chance to say a last word to them, I  will definitely say : “ It’s my great pleasure to know you all!”


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