Indonesian Journal 2
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I could appreciate nothing more than joy and refreshment in this journey, and the Indonesian food really enlightened it.


I enjoyed the food in Indonesia really much, and it is not a praise that I simply put on. My friends who went to Indonesia last year had shared many meaningful experience to me, they told me that everything in Indonesia was fine, but just the food didn’t satisfy them very much. Two of them got diarrhea after having a local meal there, and were in bad conditions for couple days. They was joking on how much chili Indonesians could have on one lunch, and the over adding of oil in the food. Honestly speaking, I did not take their words for much seriousness, but I was scared a bit when I learnt Indonesians love spicy food. As an Cantonese I really have a low endurance of pepper and chili, and so as many other spicy food.


But it turned out that Indonesian food did earn my favor, especially the fried chicken and Doufu. Admittedly, Indonesians love spicy meals, but there were also many other deliciousness that are not spicy, brought me a special Indonesian flavor.


So if you are coming to this tropical state in the future, don’t hesitate to check out the food there!

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