The beautiful Huamei in my eyes
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初二1班       陈明玥

In my eyes, there is special beauty of Huamei, which is the marvelous four seasons.

In spring, the school is full of vitality. The grass is green, the willows are budding, the flowers in the flower beds are awake, butterflies and birds are flying around, as if they are dancing for the flowers.

In summer, the trees are so verdant that the dense layers of branches and leaves seem to seal up the blue sky and the crown of the trees open their huge umbrella for us to block the sun.

In autumn, the green leaves on the trees like chameleons, gradually turn from green to red, and finally yellow. At last, they slowly fall down, like dancing butterflies. Before long, the leaves cover the ground like a golden carpet.

In winter, the sun seems to refuse to show up because of the cold weather, as if the cold weather also brings drowsiness to it. In the early morning, the crescent still hangs high in the sky, for the dim sunlight cannot conceal its beauty. Under the sky is the peaceful street with green trees on its two sides.

I am full of love for Huamei no matter what season it is in. Besides the change of the four seasons, it has more unique beauty waiting for us to explore. 

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