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C1,S2    Zhou Huiting(Tina)

When we were young , the concept of time remained a mystery to us. We were too little to realize the great meaning of it. As we grow older and more mature psychologically, we have a better understanding of what time is as well as its importance.

First of all, time is something that never gets back in my mind. We’ll never live at the same moment again. What we did is bound to be the past forever, which can only be stored in our memory. Therefore, whether your memory is worth looking back depends on how you treat your time.

Secondly, time is one of the most valuable things in the world. I used to think that my life would be long and endless. Only until now have I realized how stupid and ignorant I used to be. Because of holding that kind of idea, sitting around and having fun almost shaped what I am now, which resulted in my being regretful . If I had taken my time seriously, I could have been much better.

Last but not least, everyone should struggle to become an excellent person by making full use of time. As a saying goes, no pains, no gains. Only when we spend as much as time on study can we make rapid progress.

All in all, though the passage of time is certainly uncontrollable, we are definitely the owner of it. As teenagers, we are supposed to seize our time and treat it as our treasure. Plan every day in a more reasonable way so that we won’t waste a second. Every moment is ours and make sure that we are all living a full and meaningful life that we won’t ever regret.

Comments:  Language is clear and varied. Additionally, she tries to use many academic

words in a smooth way. (指导老师:刘贤桂)

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