Cherish your time
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C1.S2  Zhong Yiming (Zoe)


Time flies like an arrow before we realize it. It also won’t stop or wait for anyone. Time is abstract, like air, which is everywhere in your life but can’t be caught when time goes by, because it will never return.

However, it is a pity that some people still don’t care about time. They spend a lot of time in sleeping, chatting, playing computer games or other meaningless things. They don’t believe that wasting time means killing themselves slowly. People often regret after they lose time. Those who make great achievements are the ones who can realize the importance of time. They treat every day like the last day they could have so that they would not regret later.

Therefore, don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today. Laziness is the road to failure. Don’t wait, or don’t get any excuses, because you may have no chance again if you delay your plan. As senior students, we have a lot of learning tasks every day, but we can find many ways to save our time to fulfill it. For example, we can do our everyday reading when we are waiting for a bus or you can memorize English words while you are walking on the schoolyard. 


To sum up, we should make full use of our time because time and tide waits for no men.



Her Writing shows originality and has detailed description. Besides, the title identifies its purpose and it’s well organized into steps. (指导老师:刘贤桂)

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