Kindergarten’s closing ceremony and New Year celebration
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--------- Shixuan Wang


Huamei Kindergarten was filled with a warm New Year atmosphere. It was a joyful day for all of us. Every child and teacher dressed up for the closing ceremony of this semester and the celebration of the Year of the Dog with parents in advance. 


Before the celebration, parents attended a brand new workshop. Teachers are not the only people who speak any more during the workshops. We have adopted the IB philosophy and offered a stage of communication to parents. “Finding Time” partners were used for a warming up activity, which helped to close the gap between parents. Then, they discussed a series of topics about educating children with their Time partners. As time went on and due to the “finding time” activity, parents participated in discussions more actively. Through the workshop, parents knew more about their children’s advantages and disadvantages while sharing ideas with others and reflecting on their way of education.


After the workshop, junior children enjoyed a wonderful Story Show together with their parents. There was a cunning fox, a silly tiger and a lovely rabbit, and so on. The story which was performed by parents as volunteers, was loved by all.


With cheerful music, the celebrations begun. Each class prepared a special stage for children to show their own performances. They prepared several various programs, such as chorus, solo singing both in Chinese and English, dancing and musical performances which brought big smiles to both children and parents’ faces.


The Year of the Dog is coming. We wish all our lovely children health and happiness in the new year. Happy Year of the Dog! Best wishes from all of us!

Children's performance 


Parents are sharing ideas

Wearing new clothes


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