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Integrity and Friendliness
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史文萍 English Teacher of Huamei Secondary School


Integrity and friendliness are two of the essential moral qualities for each modern citizen.


Integrity, which means being honest and keeping your words, is the basic moral requirement of human beings. It is not only the traditional virtue of Chinese people, but also the essence of Chinese traditional moral culture. Deng Xiaoping once said, Being honest is our tradition. To be more specific, honesty is to stick to the facts and treat others sincerely without any deception. Chinese are required to be honest with themselves and others. As students, we are required to be true to others. No deceiving or cheating. In all, integrity is a kind of attitude and behavior. With integrity, we can have a good learning atmosphere on campus.


Friendliness, which means being kind to others, is fundamental to building a harmonious society. We are expected to be modest and helpful. Also, we need to consider others first before we think of ourselves in our daily life. We should learn from those outstanding people around us. Meanwhile, we need to be tolerant with others and accept the differences. When someone makes a mistake, we can remind him kindly and give him a hand sincerely. When someone gets in trouble, we should offer him timely help. In a word, friendliness is the key to establishing a good interpersonal relationship and building a harmonious society.


Our campus is a place where we can learn knowledge and have fun. Be honest and modest. Never pretend to know when we don't. As long as we are inquisitive, we are sure to make progress day by day. As long as we are honest and friendly, we will find it warm and happy to learn and grow up in this big family. Thus, with integrity and friendliness, we’ll together make a beautiful and energetic campus.


Let's treat each other with honesty and friendliness, help and care for each other in our daily life! Then we can enjoy ourselves in this harmonious campus!


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