Thanksgiving with Grade 6 Class 1
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黄诗婷 Huang Shiting Grade 6 Class 1

On November 23, Grade 6 Class 1 had an awesome event: The Thanksgiving Feast!

I thought that maybe I’d mess up or spill something at the feast because of the bad morning I had. Nonetheless, I got an awesome afternoon instead!

When the teacher told us to wake up in the afternoon, I quickly jumped up, folded my blanket, combed my hair, put on my shoes, and ran outside to call Diana. Together, we quickly walked to our classroom. I went in with Diana behind me. I walked to my seat, dropped the heavy plastic silverware onto the floor next to my desk, and flopped down onto my chair. I watched the students start spilling into the class. Then, Mr. Bayne suddenly burst through the door saying something about lining up and things like that. We formed a line outside against the wall and then galloped (almost literally) down the stairs. 

When we reached the teachers’ cafeteria (the location of the feast), we saw some of our parents and other teachers have been already there, getting turkey and other food ready. We went inside, found a seat, and sat down. Our other teachers told us to get some turkey so we all stood up and moved towards the tables with food. After we got our food, we went back to our seats, placed down our food, and waited patiently for other people to come back. After everybody came back to the table, we held hands and everyone got a chance to speak out what he/she was thankful for and why. After that, we sat down and started eating.

Diana and I were full so we went outside for a walk. When it was almost time to go back to classroom, we slowly walked back. We continued having English Lesson for the next two classes. Finally, it was time for dinner after the Activities class. I was too full to eat anymore so I directly went to my dormitory.

That day was a good one, and I’ll never forget it!

A special thanks to Mr. Bayne for teaching us so much. Even though I didn’t spend long time here, you taught me how to be a good, nice, generous, and unique person. Thank you so much! Also, I am very thankful for all my friends and other people. I am very happy to be in this class, thank you everyone!

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