About STEM
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STEM is a class involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. we will study the application of these subjects in various fields. so far we have done things with prosthetics, space vehicles and computer science. we created a prosthetic hand, a model space vehicle for travel on different planets, and coding for some games. we will spend more time on computer science with creating web pages, and program arduino uno to make robots and other technological devices.

-Mr. Loerlein, Instructor.


Voice from the students

In STEM we made a prosthetic hand. We had to learn the anatomy of the hand and body mechanics. With this knowledge we designed and created a model hand that can grab, hold and release objects. We also looked at various types of space vehicles and noticed what devices they had, how they moved, and how the get information about the planet they are on. Then we designed a vehicle ourselves.

- Jennie Huang, Junior 1 Class 1

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