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With the development of the mornden society, the competition seems more and more vital. To cultivate the competitive ability is even necessary for us, otherwise , we are replace by others one day. The ways of dealing with this situation are as follows:

To begin with one the most effective ways is learning by doing. New things are emerging into our life with the increasing speed of the society growth. One should try his best to acepted them wisely to get used to the new challenges.

What’s more, making plans will play an essential part in our both schooling and working life. One should learn how to make effective use of the daily schedule and how to manage it very well. Because to be the time owner will be the best preparation for tomorrow.

The last but not the least, it should be surely mentioned that strenthening executive ability is also worth recommending here to promote the competitive ability. As a famous inspiratioal quote goes that what we think and we become, which means that wheneve or wherever a new idea hit upon our mind, we should try our best to execute it or it will be in vain.

To draw a conclusion, the competitive ability will mirror one’s not only the emotional quotient but also the intelligence quotient. The most important point is to reveal our own issue, then adjust our mentality and striving direction by numberless failures. As we all know that failure is the mother of success.


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