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This is a letter from Daniel(高一四班刘恩博)grade10 class4 , Guangzhou Hua Mei-Bond International College(广州华美英语实验学校国际中学). 


December, 22, 2017 Guangzhou (Canton)

Dear My Friend:

My English name is Daniel. I’m 15 years old. I’m an outgoing boy. Every time I meet a friendly foreigner at school or on the subway, I would chat with them. In this way, I’m not only want to enhance my English level, but also I want to make more friends. Maybe you would ask why. My answer is I want to be an aviation university student there in Canada. This is a dream from my childhood on. I promise to myself ‘Anyway, I’m must persist in my dream’. It let me to study English hard. So I keep trying to communicate with foreigners to practice my English. This is my first letter to the foreigner. So I'm glad to have this opportunity to write this letter for you.

Now, let me talk about my dream. I had three dreams at one time or another. Two of them belong to my childhood. It is these dreams that let me grow up. The First one, I want to be a soldier when I was a nursery school child. And a large number of my classmates want be soldier too. Because we have thought soldier is really cool in that time. Nowadays, whenever I thought of this, I seem to be back to my beautiful childhood. This is an inspiration on your pace of progress. And it is a good memory of childhood.

My second dream began from the blue sky. When I was a child, I love to play in the field. When I was tired, I would lie on the grass, looking at the blue sky. The eyes were full of desire and fantasy of the future. So my pilots dream started from childhood on.

This is the dream I wrote at the beginning of the article. It is very important for me, and let me join a pilot class from an International high school. But recently, I have been learning more and more difficult knowledge. It made me be negatively. I began to realize that the pilot is not a simple but a difficult job. At this moment, I think of my idol. He was born in Australia in 1982. He had no legs or hands when he was born. He tried to kill himself, but he wasn’t successful. When he grew up, he began to love his life. He found his dream; He wanted become a philanthropist and a speaker to help more people. He looked for happiness from the existing life. He encouraged everyone to change his life and began to fulfill his dream. Maybe you know him. Right! His name is Nick Vujicic. His dreams let me understand even the pilot isn’t a simple job; however I must to be super hard, super patient, and super attentive for classes! I hope you think of him every time when you're in trouble. There's nothing to be afraid of compared to him.

One time I had a dream of outside the window, the cicadas were singing. Inside, a little boy was holding a violin under him chin, holding a handle with him hand, playing music, and the sweat dripping down him forehead. This was what I was doing when I practiced the violin. It’s about my third dream. My third dream was built after my second dream. This dream is to be the best violinist among pilots. The violin is my favorite instrument. I learned the violin when I was six years old. I like to play ‘Liang Zhu’ very much. It's the Chinese song very nice.

In the life, there will be different difficulties, let you feel confused, you will fall. You'll get stabbed in the heart, which makes you feel painful, but no matter how small your heart is, there will always be a beautiful landscape to guide you forward. There will always be a goal to guide you on this way and help you grow up. That is my dream. Let’s finish our dream together! Regardless of size! Doing, now! To be what you want it most important for you. That's what I think of dreams. Would you like to talk about you dream with me? And Christmas is coming, Merry Christmas to you! I am looking forward to your reply!


Sincerely yours,




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