My Favourite festival-Angel
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    Name: Angel Wang王安淇      Class:Grade 5/Class 6


Hi everyone, my name is Angel. Today I want to share with everyone my favourite festivals.

My favourite festival is Christmas and it falls on December every year. During the festival period, people send gift cards to their friends. Children get presents from Santa Claus. I enjoy getting presents, decorating the Christmas tree, seeing the Christmas lighting and having a big meal with my family! Do you like Christmas?

Another festival I like is Chinese New Year. It’s in Spring! People go to the flower market to buy flowers and tangerine tree to decorate their house. They also set off fire cracker too. I went to the flower market last year with my family but I didn’t set off the fire crackers because this is banned in Guangzhou city!

What’s your favourite festival?


(指导老师: 徐璧惠 Kelly )Angel Wang, a smart and well-behaved student, always works hard in her writing. About the festivals, she compares the Chinese New Year and Christmas, which helps her understand the two different cultures well. She tried to use some long sentences in her writing, it is a good beginning. She did a great job.




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