My favourite festivals-Tina
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Class: Class 6 Grade 5     Name: Tina娄晏瑜

Hello everyone! My name is Tina. I came from China. I study at Huamei School. I’m in class 6 grade 5. My favourite festival is Chinese New Year. It’s in winter. On that day people go to the flowers market and buy some flowers and orange trees. They decorate the orange trees with red packets. At Chinese New Year people have a long holiday and gather together for big meal. After dinner, people wear new clothes and children get red packets. I like this festival because I enjoy wearing new clothes and getting red packets. Last year I wore new clothes and got red packets at Chinese New Year.       


Another festival I like is Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s in autumn. People see and eat something round at this festival. I like this festival because I enjoy playing with lanterns at Mid-Autumn Festival. Last year I played with lanterns and ate moon cake at Mid-Autumn Festival. Do you like Mid-Autumn Festival?


  (指导老师: 徐璧惠 Kelly )The little writer expresses her feeling about different festivals and her favourite one. As a grade five student, she can write such a long passage, it is amazing. Keep on writing step by step, her English capabilities will be quickly improved.




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