Our December Is Like These…
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At the Huamei Kindergarten, there is always a bustle of activities going on. This month was no exception and was filled with many exciting things. Something particularly memorable was the IB Activity for the medium classes. The Chinese teaching theme was transportation, so the foreign teachers planned the IB activity to correspond with this theme. One afternoon, the foreign teachers got together to create a driving course outside of the kindergarten using chalk, cones and different road signs. Once the course was finished, the toy cars and bicycles were brought out and parked in the designated “parking lot”, which was a part of the driving course. When everything was in place, it was time for the children to try out the course. The children were excited and eager to give the driving course a try. Since multiple classes participated at once, some students were able to drive the course, while others played police officers and directed traffic. A few children had yellow, red and green signs they held to help regulate certain areas throughout the course. Overall, this IB Activity was a great success and well enjoyed by the children. 


In addition to exciting IB activities, this month also included the sports day events. There were two different days; one for the younger classes, and one for the older classes. This event brought a bustle of excitement to the Huamei Kindergarten, for all the parents came to take part in the fun event. The event started off in the sports center at the school where the children filed in by class and took part in interactive warm-up activities with their parents. Next, the parents were able to join in some friendly competition by playing tug-of-war. The activities then moved outside where the children and parents were able to visit the different stations and participate in some fun activities prepared by the kindergarten teachers.


Closing the month of December, parents were invited to attend open classes with their children. Once again, the kindergarten was filled with many people and much excitement. The parents seemed to greatly enjoy the opportunity to attend their child’s class and also participate in some fun dancing activities down at the sports field. Luckily, it was a beautifully sunny day, so everyone appreciated being outdoors to close off the open day events. 

      As this semester comes to a close, children and teachers continue to work hard to wrap everything up before the Chinese New Year vacation. 


                                             -Elise Kinne, Huamei Kindergarten Teacher

This road is for bicycle

I have traffic lights

Open classes- Our driving course

Open classes-Through arch

Sports day-I like playing with mum and dad

Sports day-Be my eyes

Sports day-We are playing

Sports day-Let's dance together

Open classes- Let's fly

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