People in our community
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On November 3rd, 9:00 in the morning, in gym, GIA grade 2, who held the assembly named people in our community, took part in it as presenters. All the GIA students attended the assembly, too, meanwhile, many parents and guests were invited to come to give a speech and to observe, which was very successful. All the students learned a lot from that assembly.

Project based learning is one of the features of the GIA class. Grade 2 just finish learning about “People in our community”, which is their first project. During this assembly, many guest speakers talked about their profession, what they do in their community, the role they play in their community. Several guest speakers played games during the assembly, and kids took an active part in it.

After this assembly, the students learned a lot about people in our community, different people’s profession, and meanwhile, they enjoyed themselves.




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