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Thanksgiving looks like lovely, colorful leaves falling off the trees and decorations filling the spaces all around us. Thanksgiving smells like the bouquet of cinnamon cider and delicious cookies made by your grandma or aunt. Thanksgiving tastes like a delicious, juicy turkey, and the great stuffing right out of the oven. Thanksgiving feels like a family with all the relatives enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing on all the wonderful things the year had to offer.

Pumpkins, scarecrows and a very well-crafted cornucopia greet you as you come into Huamei International School.  Thanksgiving was not only welcomed but celebrated at Huamei Kindergarten.  

Thanksgiving! Expressing gratitude for the simple things in life that we might take for granted. Our children were able to tour the campus grounds and talk about all the different colors and shapes they could see.  

In each classroom, children discussed what it was they were grateful for, from parents, teachers and toys. They were able to make Turkey hats and they paraded around the kindergarten with huge smiles on their face.

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching the leaders of tomorrow, our future is in their hands and through education the doors of opportunity are infinite.





exchange gifts

making thanksgiving cards

thank you my friend

our turkey hat

Let's walk



There is nothing you can dream that you can achieve

Have the courage to go after your dreams and believe

Always remember you are beautiful and unique

Never give up when going after what you seek

Keep reminders around to remind you of your dreams

Savor the present for it goes quicker than it seems

Give more to others than you receive

Inspire others with all that you achieve

Value yourself you are perfect for you

Individuality is important so let it shine through

Notice the small miracles all around you

Greatness starts from within and is in all that you do



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