Thanksgiving 2017
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During the second week of November our classes started to talk about the western holiday Thanksgiving.  The students were given a four page worksheet to go through to help them understand this holiday and some common language used during this time.  


First up was an introduction of some new vocabulary.  I had asked the children what each word was with some English questions in hopes of eliciting the right answer.  Some of the words were easy for them like hat, corn, pumpkin and pie.  One of the more difficult words was harvest.  I took this opportunity to explain the word and how it ties in to the history of the holidays with the European settlers giving thanks to the natives for teaching them how to grow and harvest the crops.  The last word, turkey, gave hilarious results when the kids that weren’t quite sure of the English word called it “fire chicken”.  Almost every class had made this mistake, and maybe were even disappointed the word was something different altogether.


Next I spent a couple minutes giving them a brief idea of what a typical Thanksgiving weekend would look like.  Most people would travel home and enjoy the long weekend with family while having a huge meal.  The students summarized their understanding of this in a short paragraph of their construction.


The last written activity was to finish off a letter addressed to somebody they know.  The example used was the class teacher.  We brainstormed some positive adjectives on the board to give them a list to choose from and then the students filled in the rest of the letter.  


Finally the students spent the final ten minutes of class colouring the front page.  Every class had several excellent results and the following week the class teacher and I will choose the best ones to post on the classroom wall for everyone to admire.  


All and all a really fun class.  The students were able to relax a little and enjoy some down time while learning a little bit about the foreign teachers culture.  


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