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This month in our kindergarten our children learned about introducing themselves. Our junior classes learned how to introduce themselves while asking other students their names. This may sound like an easy task but for children starting at the age of three and speaking in a different language and conversing in English it’s not as easy as you may think. Our students designed their own name tags and decorated it with their own colors and designs to make their own name tags special. Then they went around to other students and introduced themselves and asked their fellow students “what’s your name” and they answered “my name is....” a great achievement for a three year old speaking a foreign language and I am sure you would agree!


Our medium class students learned about their bodies and why male and female are different. What makes someone male and someone female. Where on your body is an appropriate place to touch and who and when is it appropriate. Our co-Chinese teachers did an amazing job teaching our students this, right from wrong while understanding the age of our students. Our International teachers taught our students how to express your feelings and how your body feels, if you are in pain, if you feel uncomfortable or you feel hurt somewhere. So for our IB project we took our kids out to talk to other students dressed as doctors and nurses and taught them to express their feelings and for them to learn that if you have a problem your mother, father and your doctor can help you feel better again.


For our senior class we taught them about healthy eating, exercise and why it is very important for our bodies to stay healthy. Without exercise we would not have any energy, be sleepy and would find day-to-day activities very hard, so we put extra weight onto our students to resemble being over-weight and had them do daily activities and report it back to us about how their felt. 99% of the time they felt tired and uncomfortable. Then we explained about healthy eating and what foods are good to eat and what are not. We also explained that it’s OK to eat some unhealthy foods but you much only eat a little and exercise daily to maintain a healthy body. We took them outside to have a picnic and gave them lots of healthy food and a small snack as a treat.


Over all our students put learning to the test and learned from real life experiences. Our main goal is to always allow our kids to learn from trying and to understand how and why we do something. It wasn’t boring, it was fun! As we all know, children learn by trying and having fun. This is why fun and education will always go hand in hand. We will continue to do this in order to provide a solid foundation for our children growing and becoming the future of our world.



Hi, my name is David and I come from a wonderful little island called Ireland. I have being teaching in China since 2012 and I have had nothing but great experiences along the way. I majored in psychology and my main interest is in child psychology and child behaviour and development. I use what I have learnt to help my students achieve their goals and to live a happier and healthier life. I pride myself on helping others and making their dreams come true.

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