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Playing computer games I s waste of time, children should not be allowed to play them.


Nowadays, it has long been discussed that if it is proper to allow children to play video games. As video games are physically more interesting and more attractive than text books, it is true that children might spend a large amount of time on them. However, to some degree, playing video games is a excellent way to relax from the pressure and practice logical thinking. Hence, I could hardly agree with the viewpoint to stop children from playing video games.


It it a fact that parents always prevent their kids from playing video games because children might waste too much time on it as playing video games is more interesting than studying for exams. In general, when advancing in video games, children can gain the sense of happy immediately. For instance, players could receive a number of rewards as soon as they defeat the rivals and the monsters. However, study is a long term work, children could not achieve greatness right away. As a result, they might spend a great deal of time on video games instead of study in order to obtain the sense of satisfied in a short time.


On the other hand, parents should not stop their children from playing video games completely, because their children need a chance to relax from the heavy load of studies. High school students, especially those who are facing university entrance examinations experience overwhelming pressure on studies. Chinese high school students are very appropriate examples. Because of the huge population in China, getting into extraordinary university is particularly difficult, as the candidates have to compete tens of thousands of rivals. In a word, to relief from such stress, parents should allow their kids to play for a while. If they are forced to work all day and all night without any entertainments  such as playing video games, they might be depressed and exhausted.


Moreover, a reasonable amount of video games are good for intellectual development. Puzzle games like room escaping games are excellent instances. During playing this type of game, the players have to observe the scene carefully so that they can find the clue such as a key to unlock a box. Moreover, after gaining the clues, they have to figure out the password by using their knowledge in science sphere such as math. For example, the players need to work out some mathematics equations to find out the password. Thus, parents should not treat all video games as something that bring nothing but harm to their kids, some sort of video games like puzzle games and strategy games are actually benefit for intellectual development, as they can stimulate the children to think and observe.


To sum up, even though video games are so tempting that children spend too much time on it, if their parents can guide them to play some interesting and educational games in a rational amount of time, their children can not only improve their logical thinking but also relax from considerable pressure.


Teacher’s comment:

This is an exercise essay for the TOEFL Writing Task 2. The essay is well-organized as a whole, from firstly presenting her thesis statement to developing her sub-points step by step, with detailed reasoning on each of the point. The idea is easy to follow as to why playing video games actually is beneficial to children if managed and monitored well. The language use is clear and to the point, though minor grammatical mistakes are presented casually. However, that doesn’t interfere much with the understanding of the essay as a whole. 

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