Reading Journal #1
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BY : Viony                              S1C6                        12th Oct, 2017

‘The girl you left behind’ By Jojo Moyes is this book about heart-breaking yet warm love story.

In 1916, Sophie, the main character has to protect her family while her beloved husband leaves her to fight at the front. When her small town falls into German’s hand. The only remaining thing is a potrait of Sophie, her husband drew for her. The moment the local kommandant sees it, he grows obssession for this beautiful picture hanging in her kitchen wall. This leads to an enormous changes and awful descisions Sophie has to make and jeopardize herself into a big mess. Nearly a century later, a girl called Liv has Sophie’s picture given by his young husband before his sudden death. A chance happen to reveal the painting’s true worth, ergo a battle over the painting happens and the dark history and secret behind the painting leaks out. Which then turns Liv’s love life and even world upside down.

“I need no photograph to conjure you before me, Sophie. I need only to close my eyes to recall your face, your scent, and you cannot know how much you comfort me. Know, my darling, that I mark each day not, like my fellow soldiers, as one that I am grateful to survive, but thanking God that each means I must surely be twenty-four hours closer to you. –Your Edouard” ---This paragraph is from one of the letters Edouard, Sophie’s husband writes at the war place. The way Edouard feels and thinks of Sophie make it clear that he misses her so much and deeply in love with her. Edouard’s positivity in facing trouble comforts Sophie.

One of the new words learnt in this book is  ‘Conscience’ which means the awareness moral or ethical aspect to one’s conduct together with the urge to prefer right or wrong. The second one is ‘Grimace’, means an ugly expression made by twisting your face, used to show pain or disgust. Another one is ‘Exquisite’ an adj. representing special beauty or charm, or rare appealing excellence, can be used for face, flower, song, or poetry.

This book is really well-written as expected from the work of Jojo Moyes. I really enjoy reading this book although the present-time story rounds too much at the court and less about Liv’s life. Excluding that, the story is great in general with its exquisitely drawn characters and the excellence of the plot. The ending is quite surprising and nice.



Teacher’s comment:

The student is fluent in English and eloquent in her presentation of the book. The story is well-written out and its words are carefully chosen for the purpose. The student is encouraged to keep on with her reading, which will benefit her in her IELTS exam in the near future.



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