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S1C6 Candice


    Me before you is a love story which wrote by Jojo Moyes,her note was adaptation to be a movie. It’s so affectionate of me that my heart was broken in the end. I hope every teenager can read this book. Because it take about a love story and how to fighting the disease resistance, and joined the euthanasia topic.

    Lou is the young girl who live in a small town in British, she is a positive , friendly ,lively girl. work in a travel city so that she has a good pay. However, the economy is weak. Lou’s family member: Mother does not work, my father is laid off, there is a drop out of the sister at home to take care of children.

    And will, a handsome having highly educated and successful career man. It seem god like to play jokes with us. On the way to work, because of his car accident his lower body disability. Can only spend a lifetime in the wheelchair, he used to like skiing, motorcycles and other sports. This time the accident is destined to be a blow to him.

    This is my second English novel, the first one called "one day". Followed by it, this book I will definitely read and recommend to other people. It is so far that I have read and viewed the best books and movies about love material. Lou was hired by Will's mother when he was unemployed, and was actually preventing He from committing suicide. At the beginning you can also think that this is not a level of two people have a series of stories. The story is not described here, let me fascinated by this book because Will is the attitude of death, Lou positive and optimistic about life. Their love makes me move, no doubt they love each other, but Will does not want to live as a disabled person, this way of life is like a bird trapped in the cage, lost freedom. Lou does not want Will to die, but want him to face life, brave to live. But we do not experience this pain, do not know the loss of freedom, can not walk, even the toilet need to help others how hard life. He finally chose to die. Because it was his power.

    He has the right not to let his life as helplessly live in a wheelchair, he chose to die like a decent, rather than not decent alive. Because no one has the right to let him live, even if he has loved her, she did not have that right.

    In the parents are not willing and Lou's anger, he decided to leave quietly. However, and the girl's six months of contact, he did one thing, that is quietly changed her attitude to life and ideas:

No longer in the small town where ordinary people like a lifetime, but want to go out to see, so that their spiritual and spiritual freedom. He left a lot of wealth with the girl, not to let her from the money, he hope she can use it to start a life and become independence, freedom, autonomy.  At this time, in addition to continue to encourage, for the loved one, we need to do is respect. Can understand the best, can not respect his choice.

    In the end: I still remember that Lou’s sister said for she:


    You before him ,you are nothing.

    In my opinion  :Love a person, we must respect each other, if some methods can not reach an agreement, it would respect. Even if the last separated, but also bless the other side have a better life, a feeling, if you want to keep a lifetime, must be optimistic, positive, blessing, respect, believe each other.




Teacher’s comment:

The student is very passionate about what she is reading and has read, as we can see from all the details she presented in her reflection. However, limited by her English, certain parts of her writings are unclear and difficult to understand, with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Overall, this is an impressive writing piece that stood out among her peers.




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