Water Using Comparation between Brazil and Congo
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    Global water used in agriculture were much more than in industrial or domestic and also increased year by year from 1900 to 2000.The country of large population such as Brazil consumed water in irrigating land and in personal water consumption was much bigger than those of the country of small population , such as Congo in 2000.

    It could be seen from the first chart that water used in agriculture was a big part of water consumption in the world. The amount of water used rose from 500 km³to 3000km³from 1900 to 2000. But water used in industrial and home began to grow at 1950, it increased to  1,200km³and 500km³ respectively.

    According to the second table, Brazil's population was 176 million. And Congo's population was 5.2 million. It used water to irrigate land up to 26,500k㎡, while Congo just need to water 100k㎡. And that, individual used at Brazil. Congo was 359m³ and 8m³ respectively. It means that the water to plant grain and the water used by themselves in the country of large population used were much bigger than the country which has small population.



本文概述准确,内容翔实,数字分组准确。 用词准确, 句型较为丰富。


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      The graph shows the water consumption in three different sector and how the amount of water used worldwide changed between 1900 to 2000.

      It can be seen that the largest quantity of water were used for the purpose of agriculture, increasing from 1900 to 2000. Also, water used in industrial and domestic increased too, but the growth margin was not as high as water used in agricultural. From 1900 to 2000, water used in industrial had climbed from approximately 0km³ to 1000km³ while domestic had slowly grown up from 0km³ to only 300km³. It’s much slower than the others.

      The table shows the water consumption in different areas of the world. The irrigated land in Brazil was 26500k㎡ with the population of 176 million and water consumption per person was 359m³, compared to the Democratic Republic of Congo , with 100k㎡ irrigated with the population of 5.2 million(8m³ per person).

To sum up, Brazil used more water than Congo.



本文概述准确,内容翔实,数字分组准确。 用词准确, 句型较为丰富, 结论可以不用写。 

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