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My experience with Huamei school
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Cornelia Sennewald

Since starting to work at Huamei, the open-mindfulness and helpfulness of the people have made me not wanting to leave this place anymore.


As graduating with a degree in teaching profession for the subjects English and Art in middle and high school at the University of Cologne in Germany, I am applying the didactical methods of teaching I have learned for my students here, while adjusting these methods to their knowledge and abilities.

The German program at Huamei school is a distinctive feature which offers the students a huge benefit because they are provided with the chance to continue their academic education in Germany after their high school graduation, and furthermore it encourages a closer cooperation between China and Germany for the future.


The head of the German program and my supervisor, Claus Huxdorff, ensures every day to provide the best quality for the lessons and to strengthen the program while giving me constructive feedback on my lessons.

I grew up bilingual with German and Chinese. Therefore, my ability to communicate in Chinese with the students outside of German classes or in other classes, such as Art and English, helps both to establish a stable student-teacher-relationship and to motivate students for class work and school activities. A healthy student-teacher-relationship, I consider, is the central key to provide qualitative learning environment. The teachers at Huamei school consciously taking this responsibility, hence I feel that with my approach I have become a full part of the school and it has become like a family to me.

Apart from the languages, my art skills (drawing & painting) and dancing skills have both found their places here. For the Christmas show, the girls from my class are being prepared to dance to a German song. To my surprise, they begged for additional hours to train since they consider one hour a week not enough, which I was of course willing to do.


The middle school’s art teacher, one of the kindest person I have met here, continuously engages in improving the beautiful appearance of the school. While helping him to decorate the school for special events and to organize Art classes, we exchange ideas about Western and Chinese art and culture.

I am delighted by the school’s care and diligence as well the student’s ambition to give their best. I believe – with my skills and knowledge – there is and there continues to be a mutual benefit.


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