Set a goal and take actions
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Author: LiuXiangui

Dear students, what I’d like to tell youtoday is‘set your goal and take action.’ Teenagersare going to have goals and act for their youth if they want to succeed. Ofcourse, I’m no exception. When I was in primary school, I learned to play the flutefor four years But unfortunately I chose to give it up before I was going tomake a performance, after that I regretted it, not only because I ruined theperformance, but also I lost the chance to keep on learning flute. So how do weset goals and take actions?


The first one, combine our own actual situation with our own ability. Forexample, Wang Jianlin said that he wanted to set a small goal to earn 100million. Although our ability can’t do this, we may set a goal based on our ownsituation, such as, how many points we want to get in the mid-term exam orafter high school what universities we desire to go.


The second one, according to our interests.This may determine what major you read in the future and we can turn ourhobbies into our future career. For example, if you are interested in music ,you can practice more so that you will be admitted in an academy of music.


Finally, we should take actions, if we seta goal but do not work for it, we can’t succeed. So we have to study hard andlisten carefully in class. Improve what we’re good at. The most important isnot to give up the goals you have set. Otherwise, you will regret it as much asI do.


So to be successful, we need to set goalsand take actins. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way.



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