Cherishing our life and having a passion for labour
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C1,S1  Zhou Jie

Gorkyonce said: The most beautiful things in our world are created by labor, by thehands of intelligent humans .In fact, we were born to be a group of laborers, itis labour that allows us to create this colorful world. We are supposed tocherish the good life nowadays.


Most of thestudents think that labour means manual labour, which is one-sided. Iteffectively includes manual labour and mental labour .It gives humans a lot ofpride and magnificence , leaving many dazzling achievements in Chinese History,such asThe Historical Records,which took Simaqian many years'efforts to makeit. The Compendium of Materia Medica was successfully published because of thecollection of herbs by Lishizhen. What’s more,the successful launch of Shenzhouthe fifth and the sixth were gained by a large number of scientists who workedhard for many years. These show that labour is valuable.


Schoolmates, labour is the source of happiness,l et’s start from the side, forexample, we can pick up the garbage on the ground and throw it into the bingently. Moreover, we should finish all homework carefully, without wasting timeor life. We are not only laborers, but also the masters of the world in future.Let’s cherish the life we have and create a better future with labour! Thankyou!

(指导老师:Liu Xiangui)


Comments:This speechis well-organized, and it gives some constructive opininos. Besides, itslanguage is fluent and very comfortable.

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